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Certum Solutions was formed in 2012 with a mission to provide small and medium business owners with the tools they need to be successful. Certum Solutions partners with their clients to build stronger companies through the expert implementation and use of QuickBooks-based software suites, as well as through third-party integrated app stacks that provide a concrete value-add to our client’s software solution.

1. Planning

We’ll build a simple and straightforward plan by using a series of Discovery meetings to draft the best solution for your needs.

2. Configuration

We’ll work to configure your solution and bring in relevant data to your specifications.

3. Training

During training, our ProAdvisor will lead your team through a sample file to get you familiar with the program. Trainings are recorded, and additional resources are provided.

4. Go Live

Once previous steps are complete, we engage with users to ensure any remaining tickets are resolved, staff feels confident and trained, and you are supported in your new solution. We stay engaged over the long term as an extension of your team.

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We’re dedicated to building our business the old-fashioned way – offering you stellar service, meaningful discounts, and our full support and attention.


We have the expertise and confidence required to bring your business into its next stage, with software platforms proven to help companies scale.


Through our specialized services we can take your accounting software project and take it from idea, to proof, to success. When we conclude your project your team will be excited, engaged and ready to use your new tools.


Our practice has built a reputation on honesty, knowledge, and friendly advice, and as a result we are one of the most respected software practices in the QuickBooks software community.


Industry Experience

Our consultants have experience in many different industries. Lean on our experience to streamline your project.

Brilliant Team

Our employees are critical components of our mission, and through our business model and philosophies around remote and flex work we provide an innovative and upward evolving work environment.

Creative & Professional

Trust us to think outside the box to fix even the most stubborn of business problems.

Complex Solutions

We make the complex simple. Whether you need help with one software suite or six, we make the dots connect.

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is important to us. All software comes with a return policy, and we take your feedback to heart, always.


E-Commerce & Web Design

Business Process Outsourcing

Business Coaching, Planning & Financial Analysis

Bookkeeper, Controller, CFO

Barcoding & Inventory Management

QuickBooks Implementation & Training

Custom QuickBooks Integration



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