Katherine’s Compare 2019 Intuit QuickBooks Software Financial Editions, download the PDF. You can add and remove columns for the software you are evaluating by toggling the “Column Visibility” selection. For any questions or to confirm pricing, please call 980.210.6946 (USA) or email us.

QB Desktop Pro***
QB Desktop Premier***
QB Desktop Enterprise Silver***
QB Desktop For Mac***
QuickBooks Online***
QuickBooks Enterprise SLV Hosted***
User Limits* 3 5 30 3 25 30
Subscription?**** No No Yes No Yes Yes
1 User MSRP Cost 1st/2nd Yr 299.95 one time 499.95 one time 108.00 p/m 299.95 one time 50/50 per month 136.00 per month
5 Users MSRP Cost 1st/2nd Yr NA 1949.95 one time 303.00 p/m NA 50/50 per month 477.00 per month
30 Users MSRP Cost 1st/2nd Yr NA NA 683.00 p/m NA NA 1898.00 per month
1 User KHB Cost 1st/2nd Yr 184.95 one time 324.95 one time 86.40 p/m 184.95 one time 25/50 per month 117.60 per month
5 Users KHB Cost 1st/2nd Yr NA 1124.95 one time 242.40 p/m NA 25/50 per month 425.60 per month
30 Users KHB Cost 1st/2nd Yr NA NA 597.63 p/m NA NA 1825.75 per month
Local/Cloud Local Local Local Local Cloud Private Cloud/RDP
Platform Windows Windows Windows Mac Either Either
Mobile Phone Access via App No No No No Yes No
Tablet Access No No No No Yes Yes
Reporting Basic Mid-Range Robust Basic Basic Robust
Inventory Basic Intermediate Advanced (Platinum) Basic Intermediate Advanced (Platinum)

***Please note that this chart does not include QuickBooks software Point of Sale and is limited to QuickBooks software Pro, Premier, Online and Enterprise.***

*Users may be for additional cost.

**Windows editions can be opened on Mac usually by using a tool such as Parallels or Bootcamp, or adding ad hoc hosting. I’d test this before buying.

***Pricing does not include add-ons such as QuickBooks software Payments, GoPayment, Payroll, Field Services or other add ons.

****Non-subscription versions generally include 3 years of maintenance updates and then are no longer supported. Even though they are a one time purchase, we recommend upgrading every 1-2 years.

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420-1035 D50 ProPremierCompChart

QuickBooks 2019 Pro vs. Premier Comparison Chart, courtesy of QuickBooks