QuickBooks Enterprise enhanced its Alternate Vendors feature in 2020. In order to access the new features in Alternate Vendors (only in Platinum and Diamond Editions), please do the following:

Accessing the Alternate Vendor Screen from the Item List.

  1. Open your QuickBooks, Go to Vendors in the top menu, and select Item List (there are several ways to access the Item list. This is what we are using today.)
Select Item List.

2. Right click the item you want to edit, and click Item Edit.

For this one we will edit our wasp scanner.

3. Click Manage next to Alternate Vendor.

Click Manage next to Alternate Vendor.

This is the Alternate Vendor screen. You can select up to 4 alternate vendors, and you can mark them as Prefered (1), Alternate, or None.

How to Import Vendor Price Lists

You can also import vendor price lists now. In order to do so, you will access them another way.

  1. Go back to Vendor Center. Go to the vendor you need to import a price list for. Click on the Items tab to the right.

2. Select Excel at the top, then Import from Excel. You can also use the Batch List Item screen. Both screenshots are below.

Using an import.
Accessing the batch entry. You can copy/paste from Excel or hand enter in a grid.

You can use your Alternate vendors features in several ways, including comparing in transactions, which we will cover in a future blog post.

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